Meatless Mondays…

Vegan Cook BookIf you are considering following Paul McCartney's Meatless Monday Campaign, but are hesitatant, not knowing what to cook, we can recommend the Fat Attack's Nutritionist, Yvonne Bishop-Weston's new cook book  written in celebration of the diamond jubilee of the Vegan Society - Vegan Cook - New Vegan Recipes. 

This innovative cookbook published by Hamlyn shows how far you can go without using eggs, cheese, meat and fish and other animal products high in saturated fat.  If you think we may be slightly biased take the BBC's Good Food Guide's review instead :  "The tempting recipes in this book show that vegan food can be both delicous and varied".  Available from all good bookshops.

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By Fat Attack / Subscriber on Oct 31, 2008