Invest in Exercise to Counter SAD

SADAs the  clock’s go back in the autumn, simultaneously it is Day 1 for those that suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  This depression can for many severely impair their daily life cyclically – that means symptoms can dissipate as quickly as they began.

Sadly the specific cause of seasonal affective disorder remains unknown, but research has shown that regular meals help regulate our internal body clock and hormone release cycle and that outdoor exercise during daylight hours has very positive effects of the SAD. 

Exercises that were found to be particularly beneficial include aerobics such as brisk walks or light jogging.  It is the classic example of investing time in an activity to reap the rewards later in this case to allow you in the other 23 hours in a day to feel energized and effective.

5 key lifestyle factors that can affect your internal chemistry…

  • How well you sleep
  • The food you eat
  • The way you think
  • How active you are
  • How you manage stress

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By Fat Attack / Subscriber on Nov 01, 2008