FAT it can make you perfect

Make me PerfectFat, love it or hate it, we have it, we need it, but how do we fine tune it and find our way around the urban myths surrounding it to attain lean body perfection?  Here are Fat Attack’s directions to help you find your way out the fat maze…

Why do we love it?
The body releases a neuropeptide that causes it to crave and eat fat as a survival instinct.

Why is it good?
Fat is one of the best sources of energy in the body
Fat is needed in your diet to allow your body to function, one example is that it helps transport key vitamins A, D,E and K to where they are needed in the body.

Eat, drink & be merry
If you fail to eat your fat cells will fly straight into ‘fat storing’ mode.
High levels of caffeine can counter the use of fat as a body fuel.
Good Fats like avocado and olive oil are more readily released for energy

Reduce your stress levels
Those who suffer prolonged stress, particularly men are prone to fatty deposits around the mid section.

Increasing your physical fitness ensures fat to be burnt as energy rather than stored.

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By Fat Attack / Subscriber on Nov 01, 2008