Calves-Winter forget-me-not stretches

Perfect CalvesAs the temperatures plunge and we begin wearing more rather than less, it's all too easy to depriortise what isn't on daily display and that particularly applies to calves as they get stuffed into opaques and hidden in trousers. 

At Fat Attack we recommend these simple toning exercises to counter the annual calf horror that generally Spring brings. They only take 5 minutes and yes are so worth it.

 Exercise 1

  1. In a similar position to the well know yoga downward dog, begin by kneeling with your hands and    knees on the floor, your hands should be under your shoulders, fingers spread wide, knees under     the hips.  Your  knees should be about seven inches apart, spine straight and relaxed.
  2. Keep your hands and feet  hip-width apart. If your hamstrings are very strong or tight bend your knees  to allow your  spine to lengthen fully.
  3. Avoid pressure on your wrists by  pressing into the fingers and palms, directing the push upward into the hips. Your  head  should drop naturally. The heart moves toward the back wall.
  4. On a deep exhale, push your the hips towards the ceiling, your  body will form an inverted V-shape.     Keep your legs and arms straight, make sure your elbows are engaged, your shoulders wide and     relaxed. Starting with the weight on the ball of the foot, move your heel towards the floor and back  to the ball and continue this movement for 23-30 repititions, alternating between right and left leg each time. 

Exercise 2

  1. Stand facing a wall about 15 inches away & place both your palms on the wall and lean forward, rest     one leg/foot around the ankle of the supporting leg.
  2. Using the wall for stability and to support your entire body weight, lift on the ball of the supporting leg, & lower the heel of your supporting leg towards the ground &  lift back up through the ball of  the foot.  Repeat this action 20 times and change the supporting leg, to increase the intensity of  the exercise.  
  3. Use the base of a step, place the ball of your foot on the edge of the step and lower heel as lower as is comfortable. Repeat 20 times on both legs. 

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By Fat Attack / Subscriber on Nov 01, 2008